Live Well – A Series Towards A Healthy Life!

Special guest speakerS:

Carla Camarillo  |  Cancer Warrior Club

Sue Cassidy |  Live Blood Analysis

Your blood is your river of life. It transports oxygen, nutrients and other life-giving agents to all the cells of your body. It also removes cellular waste from your cells to the liver or kidneys for elimination from the body. Unhealthy blood can resemble a swamp due to poor diet, chemicals, and emotional stressors. Harmful bacteria and microorganisms can feed off these toxins, increasing your risk for disease. Live cell microscopy can detect imbalances that may not show up on traditional lab blood tests.

Carrie Chace |  Colon Hydrotherapy

Internally Fit

Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired? Your answer is “literally” inside….. Don’t believe you have to settle for feeling “out of sorts”, disconnected, or “the aging process”. Your body is trying to tell you something.

Colon Hydrotherapy gives your body the opportunity to regain it balance & vitality by hydrating the toxins, yeast bacteria & any other condition that restricts the metabolism.

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